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Raelynn Janicke

💀Mastering Engineer Who Loves Tacos and Is Taller Than Danny Devito💀

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Who Am I?

Raelynn Janicke is a mastering engineer and the studio manager for Infrasonic Mastering, based in Nashville, TN. Before joining Infrasonic in 2019, Raelynn worked at Tommy’s Tracks, where she fulfilled a variety of roles alongside owner Tommy Wiggins. Raelynn was officially hired as the studio’s mastering engineer in 2018. First shadowing Wiggins, then assisting and QCing, she began working with her own clients after just a few months. Raelynn has mastered and assisted on projects for Eddie Island, Ross Holmes, The Rembrandts, and John The Dropout.


Raelynn holds a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Arts and Sciences, with Concentrations in Audio Engineering and Computer Science, from The Rochester Institute of Technology. Much like her career thus far, Raelynn’s path to her degree was self-made. She was initially drawn to the practicality of a job in computer programming, but switched majors halfway through her program after assisting on a college a cappella record. From there, she discovered the school’s modest audio program, created an individualized degree, and threw in minors in history and music technology, just to keep things interesting.

Raelynn brings this level of enthusiasm and exploration to every project she works on at Infrasonic Mastering, both as manager and engineer.

Mastering Sampler

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Proof In Music

"Proof In Music is a 12-episode video series exploring the roles of Music Producers, Audio Engineers, Mix Engineers and Mastering Engineers in the production of music.

Proof In Music heads to Nashville to meet with Mastering Engineer, Raelynn Janicke. Hear her thoughts on AI mastering, how she chooses which frequencies to cut or boost and ultimately what her role is as the Mastering Engineer (it's probably not what you think.)"

Proof In Music
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